Monday, January 28, 2013

Traveling Stash UPDATES Week of 1/28/13 - 2/3/13

Hello!  :)

Welcome!  :)  This is where you find updates for the 9 Traveling Stash Boxes traveling around the US!

What is a Traveling Stash Box?  It's a box that's filled with a collection of fabrics, patterns, thread and other quilty fun!  When you receive a box you take out what you like, replace is with items from your own stash, hold a giveaway and then send it to the next lucky person.  You can find all the rules and guidelines here.

Please remember to follow the 
Traveling Stash Rules including:  

~  Post Giveaway soon after receiving the box.
~  Post Pictures of the box contents 
including what you take and replace.
~  Mail the box to the next winner 
(US only) right away.

Following the Rules helps to keep the Traveling Stash boxes a fun activity for all involved.

Thank You!  :)

The current Giveaways are listed in RED below.
Be sure to enter to WIN a box today!  :)

Here are the latest updates as of 2/3/13 . . . 

BOX #1:     Felicia @ The Slow Quilter has posted the Giveaway!  It ends on Monday, February 4th!     ENTER HERE!!!  :)

BOX #2:     Maribeth @ Simply Delighting is the winner of the Giveaway!  Congrats Maribeth!  The box will be mailed on 2/1/13 and will be arriving soon!  :)

BOX #3:     Cherie @ One Heart Scrapper has posted the Giveaway!  Cherie will choose a winner on Thursday, February 7th at 9am Hawaii time!     ENTER HERE!!!  :)

BOX #4:     Karen @ K Quilts Rambles is the winner of the Giveaway!  Congrats Karen!  The box has arrived!  The Giveaway will be posted soon!  :)

BOX #5:     Liz @ What I Did on my Summer Vacation is the winner of the Giveaway!  Congrats Liz!  The box will be arriving soon!  :)

BOX #6:     Dhia @ Peach Patch Quilts has posted the Giveaway!  It ends on Monday, February 11th!      ENTER HERE!!!  :)

TWO SISTERS BOX:     Nina @ Quilts, Life and Balance is the winner of the Giveaway!  Congrats Nina!  The box will be mailed 2/1/13 and will be arriving soon!  :)

PASS IT ON BOX:     Dee Dee @ Dee Dee's Craft Spot has posted the Giveaway!  It ends on Sunday, February 10th!     ENTER HERE!!!  :)

LEAP YEAR BOX (giveaway begins on the 29th of each month):     Karyn @ The Stylish Home is the winner of the Giveaway!  Congrats Karyn!  The box will be arriving soon!  :)

NOTE:  I will no longer be posting information about the original Leap Year Box (#1) that was lost in transit.  To view the information about that box please go to this post. I will also refer to the remaining Leap Year Box (#2) as simply the 'Leap Year Box' with no #2.

Find all the Traveling Stash Rules & Guidelines (including how to save on postage) here.

Find out about the Origins of the Traveling Stash boxes here.

Find all the Traveling Stash posts here.

Until next time . . .


Lynn Makrin said...

Dear Cherise,
I am a relatively new (2 years now) quilting blogger and would love to participate in your Traveling Stash box. How do I sign-up?
THanks, Lynn

Zurainny Ismail said...

Wow, this is a really, really, awesome idea! If I were in the US, I would definitely be in!

DeeDee said...

Hi Cherise. I was shocked to see you knew where this box was .. I have been trying to track its travels.. I have lost some stops as some didn't add their info... I am hoping to get her sent on soon... thanks for the link to my blog and for helping me find a friend to pass this too..

you have many you are keeping track of.. :D