Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Traveling Stash UPDATE!

Hello!  :)

Can you believe it's already the middle of July? Where does all the time go? Thanks to all of you who are helping to keep the Traveling Stash boxes moving!  :)  Currently they are all traveling or just arriving at their new destinations. Hopefully we will get some giveaways posted this week!  :)  I have emails out to all the recipients asking about the status. I would appreciate it if you could get back to me and let me know if you've received the box and when you'll be posting the giveaway. I know there are lots of people out there waiting for the next giveaway and their chance at the boxes! Let's keep these boxes moving!!!  :)

Here's the latest updates as of 7/19/12 . . . 

BOX #1:     Kristy @ Cotton Addiction won the Giveaway! The box arrived! She's gathering goodies for the box and will be posting the Giveaway soon!  :)
BOX #2:     Sherry @ Books, Hooks, Stitcks, Etc. won the Giveaway! The box has arrived! She posted pictures and will be posting the giveaway soon!  :)
BOX #3:     Irene @ Hilachas won the Giveaway! The mailing of the box to her was delayed. Now Irene is on vacation. She will post the giveaway when she returns. Sorry for the delay!
BOX #4:     Karen P. @ Sew Peachy won the Giveaway! The box has arrived! She's decided what to add to it and will post the Giveaway soon!  :)
BOX #5:     CeLynn @ The Sunflower Patch won the Giveaway! The box is on it's way! She will let me know when it arrives!  :)

Jen @ Quilter's Daughter posted the Giveaway! It will end at midnight pst on Saturdays, July 21st. Don't miss out!  :)
LEAP YEAR BOX (giveaway on on the 29th of each month):
Melinda @ Melinda Quilts Etc. won the Giveaway! The box is on it's way! The next giveaway will be posted on the 29th!

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Until next time . . .