Monday, July 23, 2012

Traveling Stash Update!

Hello!  :)

I want to take a moment to thank a few people who are Super Stash Box participants:

  • CeLynn @ The Sunflower Patch posted the giveaway the day she received the box! Way to go CeLynn!  :)
  • Jen @ Quilter's Daughter picked the winner and mailed the box the same day! Great job Jen!  :)
  • Sharon @ Vrooman's Quilts received the box and posted the giveaway the same day! Awesome!  :)

All these ladies also emailed and kept me updated on the boxes.Thank you ladies very much for your commitment to keeping these boxes moving! Your efforts are really appreciated!  :)

Here's the latest updates as of 7/26/12 . . . 

BOX #1:     Kristy @ Cotton Addiction has the box! She will be posting the giveaway on July 30th to coincide with the Think Christmas blog hop she's participating in.
BOX #2:     Sherry @ Books Hooks Sticks Etc posted the Giveaway! It ends on Saturday, July 28th!
BOX #3:     Irene @ Hilachas won the Giveaway! Irene has arrived home from vacation and was going to post the giveaway but the box hasn't arrived. Bobbie you have had over 4 weeks to mail the box. Please pass it on!
BOX #4:     Karen P. @ Sew Peachy has the box! Can't wait to see what you took & added to the box Karen! Please post the giveaway!
BOX #5:     CeLynn @ The Sunflower Patch posted the Giveaway! The winner will be chosen Friday evening July 27th!

Sharon @ Vrooman's Quilts posted the Giveaway! It ends on Monday, July 30th at midnight (EST)!
LEAP YEAR BOX (giveaway only on the 29th of each month):
Melinda @ Melinda Quilts Etc won the Giveaway! The next giveaway will be posted on the 29th!

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Click here for the Traveling Stash Rules and Guidelines.

Until next time . . .


Vroomans' Quilts said...

You are very welcome - and thank you for all you are doing.