Monday, October 29, 2012

Friday Night Sew In & More

Hello!  :)

Well . . . I didn't really accomplish what I planned for my Friday Night Sew-In this month.  :(

The design I ended up putting on my "My Favorite Things" quilt border ended up taking quite a bit longer to quilt than I thought it would. Oh well . . . that's the way it goes sometimes. I ended up loving how it turned out though and that's all that matters!  :)  On Friday I ended up running a lot of errands so I didn't get much done that day. When the night rolled around I sat and stitched more on the border. On Saturday I sat and stitched more and the border. On Sunday I finally finished the border quilting! Yea! I got the binding cut, sewed on and pinned today. Tonight I plan on sitting and stitching the binding down to finish it off. I don't know how long it will take but I don't care. I love it! I can't wait until I'm finished. Here's a small sneak peek . . .

Now no more peeks until I completely finish it. You'll just have to wait!  ;)

I can finally show you the blocks I made last week for my monthly block swap. Here's the one for August that I made for my partners. The theme was camping.

I got my inspiration from My Sew Sweet Studios blog (just scroll down a little to see her camper). I made the same block for myself but with the camper in colors just for me.  :)

The second block was for September. The theme was school.

I love how this one turned out!  :)

Thanks for your patience with me and showing you my projects. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow to show you my finished quilt! The deadline to finish is October 31st so I'm really cutting it close.

Until next time . . .