Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Getting Started with Mario

Hello!  :)

On Monday I sat down and got started making the blocks for the Super Mario Brothers QAL.

As I mentioned this quilt will be a surprise for my son for Christmas. I know he will absolutely LOVE it! The QAL mentions using Pellon stick-n-wash Stabilizer for the blocks. It's way to expensive for me so I'm making the blocks without it or any other stabilizer. The first block I made was the Green Mushroom block . . .

It turned out really cute! It was hard lining up all those 324 1-1/2" blocks. It's not perfect but it's good enough for me. It took about 5 hours to complete this block. There's a lot of tedious work there. It is totally worth it though. The next block I made was the Cloud block . . .

Of course it's not perfect either. I sense a trend here.  :(  Oh well. It's very cute!  :)  That was all I had time for that day.

On Tuesday I sat down and worked on the Fire Flower Block . . .

I like the way it turned out too! I have a feeling I'm going to love all the blocks. They are pretty big at 18-1/2". They are going to make a really nice quilt. I also managed to get the Goomba block done that day.

I messed up one of his teeth and had to re-do a section but it was a quick fix. He's definitely cute (in an ugly-cute kind of way).

Even though it's taking a while for each block I'm very much enjoying the end result. I can't wait to work on the next block. It won't be until Friday or Saturday though as the boy comes home early tomorrow and will be around for a couple of days. During this time I'm hoping to get started quilting my Vintage Holiday quilt. That's when I'm not busy with family and Thanksgiving. By the way . . . wasn't it just Halloween???

Here's my official Mario Quilt Countdown
Blocks to make 12        
Blocks completed 4        
Blocks remaining 8
1-1/2" Squares
Started with 3888
Used 1296
Remaining 2592

Until next time . . .


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

If think this is one of the cutest quilts ever!

rosie said...

Hi Cherise,
Your little boy is going to love this.. lots of work for you though..