Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall has arrived!!!

You wouldn't think so by the weather here in southern California though. It's been in the 80's & 90's all week. I really don't care for the heat. I prefer 70's or below.  :)  Cooler weather please come soon!

Fall has arrived... on the calendar and at my front door!

I participated in an fall (or Halloween) apron swap through Country Pleasures. My swap partner is Donna from Texas. She's a sweetheart with a wonderful blog. The package actually arrived Wednesday but this is the first time I've been able to sit down and write about it. Luckily I remember to grab my camera when it arrived. :)  

I was so excited! I opened the box and the first thing I found was a pumpkin! It was so light and SO COOL!

Here's a close-up of the top. Did you see the rolled up fabric for the stem? It's so cleaver!  :)

And now for the main part... Don't you just love the polka dots?!!! I do! And the PINK tulle ribbon! I love PINK!!!!  :)  I almost hated to open it... almost...

But wait! There's a card! Isn't it beautiful?!!! I love it and the colors! It's so gorgeous I might just have to frame it. The note was sweet!  :)

Enough already... on to the main attraction... I tore open the beautiful paper and found a gorgeous fall apron! I love the scalloped bottom!

Did you see the pocket? Don't you just love the fall leaf button attached?! Such detail!  :)

But wait... there's more! It's reversible! Yes two sides! Just like having two aprons in one! I'm a lucky girl!!! :)  More gorgeous fabric!

And another cute button on the pocket! This time it's a bee! 

Thank you so much Donna for the wonderful apron and pumpkin! I love them! It's so heart-warming to know that someone took the time to sit down and make something just for me! I love swaps! I love how they bring people together and the gifts aren't too bad either!  ;)

Donna... your apron is going out today! You should have it soon! I forgot to take a sneak peek picture before I packed it up. :(  I can't wait for her and everyone else to see it. I love the way it turned out!

I also have a mug rug swap that's going out to Angela today too! Sneak peek...

I can't wait to show that one to you either. I guess next week will be the big reveal of both of them.  :)

Have a Wondrous Weekend!

Until next time...
Cherise  :)


Karen said...

How fun! Swaps really are such a great way to meet other crafty ladies! I can't wait to see what you made for your partner too!

donna said...

Cherise you are so sweet. I am so glad you liked your apron. It was so much fun to make. So glad it put a smile on your face.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

What a adorable pumpkin and apron to match!! I love it, and so glad you two had a fun time and I hope a long friendship to boot! Stay tuned for my annual Christmas apron swap too!

Rose said...

You really did well with this swap! The pumpkin and apron are so creative.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen anything like that pumpkin. It is so creative. Donna did a great job.