Thursday, August 25, 2011

All Cut & Ready To Go...


I had one of those rough days yesterday where I didn't seem to get much of anything done. It started out with ants in the pantry (I HATE ANTS!!!) and it went downhill from there. I know ants serve a purpose but I just don't understand why they have to come into the house. I mean I didn't invite them. I think I might dislike them more than spiders and I definitely don't like spiders!!!

Today I had a more productive day. I packed my apron swap up and it's ready to go out in tomorrow's mail (one day early!).

I was finally able to sit down and get started on the "Happy Quilting Quilt-A-Long- Star's Quilt". I'm already 3 blocks behind and you need to make 6 of each block... so I'm really 18 blocks behind!

These are the fabrics I'll be using for my quilt...

The striped fabric in the middle is a vintage sheet I came across about a month ago. I knew immediately that I wanted to make a quilt with it. I found 12 fat quarters that would go well with it (4 pinks, 4 purples, 4 oranges). When I heard about the quilt-a-long I knew I would be using these fabrics. I needed to add White Kona Cotton and I'll eventually have to add border fabrics. I haven't decided what I want to use yet. There are two borders on the quilt. I thinking of using part of the sheet for one border and the rest of the sheet for the backing. Then I'll still need another. I think once I start getting the blocks together I'll be able to figure out what I want to do with the borders. This will actually be my first quilt-a-long AND my first real quilt! I say 'real quilt' because all I've made so far are runners and potholders.  :)

Today I cut all the fabric for the 18 blocks I should have completed already (6 each of block 1, 2, and 3).

I'm hoping to be able to sit down and get started on them tomorrow. Friday afternoon's I drive my son to meet up with his dad in Orange County. It's usually a 20 minute drive but because it's Friday, and I have to take the overly congested 91 freeway, it usually takes me 1-1/2 hours to get back home. It really sucks! I feel sorry for those people who drive in that every day. I couldn't do it.

Wish me luck for tomorrow! Until next time...

Cherise  :)