Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fab... Fab... and not so Fab...

Hello!  :)

Remember back on August 18 when I told you I'd share my second quilting project with you later? Well... it's later and I'm actually going to share my 6th project with you instead (I mean why go in order?)  ;). I found this cute runner on Moda Bake Shop. I knew I just had to make it! Here's my version...

I was a little intimidated by the prairie points as I'd heard they were difficult, but I went full speed ahead anyway. I actually didn't have a problem with them at all. They were actually pretty fun. I fell in love with them and can't wait to add them to another project. I used fabrics I had on hand in pinks and greens. I machine quilted it with a simple pattern and added chocolate rick rack to finish it off. I still want to add buttons at the tips of the prairie points but haven't found any I like yet.

Today I didn't sew at all. I was in one of those Lazy Daisy kind of moods. I did manage to drag myself to JoAnn's to pick up a couple of items I needed for my Stars Quilt-A-Long. I know what you're thinking... how could I not be in the mood to look for fabric? Well I usually have no problem going fabric shopping but today I just wasn't really in the mood. I did go and am glad I did.

One of the main reasons I needed to go is because I need a need blade for my rotary cutter. Mine is very dull. Of course they were out of the one I needed. I did pick up the 12-1/2" square ruler I needed. Actually I got a set of 4 which included the 12-1/2", 9-1/2", 6-1/2" & 4-1/2". It was a much better value as a set, $34.99 then if I just got the one I needed right now which was $22.99 and with a 50% off coupon I just couldn't pass it up.

I also found the perfect border fabric for my stars quilt.

Isn't it just yummy?!!! It goes perfectly with the other fabrics I already had.

I think I did pretty good considering I forgot to bring the fabric samples with me.  :)

Well... here we are... I've shared the fab... and fab with you. Are you wondering what was 'not so fab'?

Here's my story... Every day Mr. Hunky texts me when he's almost home from work (he texts while stopped at a light and not while driving). Then I go outside to meet him. It's just something we do. It makes us happy. Anyway...  today after I got the text I walked down to the mailbox and got the mail. I walked back up to the house and went to sit on an electrical box right next to where Mr. Hunky parks. It was hot outside and only part of the box was in the shade. So I proceeded to sit on the corner in the shade and guess what? I totally missed, slid off the box, hit the box and the pole that was there to prevent you from running into the box. The mail keys, mail and my flip flops went flying. I landed on my right side in the dirt, rocks and a pile of ants! On the way down I bent my big toe and the two next to it backwards, skinned my knee, scrapped my arm and hurt my hand. I was not a happy camper. I managed to scoot over to the grass, only a few inches away. Looked up to see that no one was there. Thank God no one witnessed that. Then I wiped the ants and dirt off and started to cry wishing Mr. Hunk would get here already so he could hug me, give me sympathy and help me up. As soon as he started pulling up I really started crying. He parked and came over and asked me what happened. Of course he thought something bad had happened to someone and that's why I was crying. As soon as I told him I fell he asked how I managed to do that and then started laughing. I totally understand his reaction but come on... where was my hug and sympathy? He eventually hugged me and helped me get up. I hobbled into the house, cleaned myself up and sat with my foot up. My big toe is very sore. I can't bend it very much. The other two seem to be fine, which is good. My hand is very sore and I can't lean on it. I'm sure I'm going to be sore tomorrow and my foot is pounding right now. Oh well... Motrin here I come. Thanks for letting me share my mishap with you. If I had seen it myself I'm sure I would have laughed my head off. I'm sure it looked pretty darn funny.

Until next time...

Cherise  :)


The Quilt Ladies said...

Don't you love dragging yourself out to a fabric store ! I do. We have Hobby Lobby here and I'm in heaven, everything I love under one roof. Love a pink quilt !

Karen said...

Love your prarie points! I love them too and I don't get why so many people fear them? All your quilt projects are adorable and I'm so sorry that you fell. Sounds so much like something I'd do :) Good thing is that at least you can still sew....right? Have a great day!!!