Thursday, August 18, 2011

Goodies for me!


Look what I got while thrifting today...

6 vintage sheets, 2 vintage pillow cases, 1 cute homemade pillow case, 2 yards of purple/blue batik fabric (only $1.99), 4 rolls of crochet thread, Debbie Mumm quilting book and a gorgeous vase. I got all this for about $20! Lots of fabric to use in quilts as backing or piecing. I will probably offer some for sale eventually too. I've been actively collecting vintage sheets for about a month now and have a lot. The thrift store I went to today has a good variety of them. This was only my second time there but well worth the trip as it was 30 minutes away and with the price of gas I try to stay close to home. My man doesn't understand my obession with the sheets but he's learning to deal with it. :)

Until next time...

Cherise :)