Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WIP Wednesday... My 1st!

Today I actually got some work done on my Block 4's for the "Happy Quilting Stars Quilt-A-Long". I managed to get all the fabric cut for the 6 blocks.

You know how all the tutorials about cutting fabric say to be careful that you keep your fingers out of the way? I read them and thought, duh! everyone knows that! Well... I did it today! It wasn't too bad. I was doing a small cut and got the tip of my index finger. It wasn't too bad but it did bleed. Why is it that finger cuts bleed so long? I put some pressure on the wound, cleaned it up, and bandaged it so I could get back to cutting. I hated to have to stop to tend to my wound. That's two days in a row now that I've gotten hurt in some way (all of my own doing). I wonder what's coming tomorrow and things seem to happen in 3's? By the way the toes feeling better, although I still can't put full pressure on it. Wouldn't you know that it's my foot petal foot? I managing fine though. Can't stop sewing!   :)

After I got all the fabric cut I started sewing it all back together again. I chain pieced the blocks to get them done faster. I didn't get them completed but managed to get the centers done.

Things went pretty smoothly except for one part. I was supposed to cut a pieced block down to 3". I got 23 out of the 24 right. Of course I cut one too small. I had to cut two new pieces of fabric and start all over on that one block. Actually I had to start all over on that one block 3 more times. I kept cutting the original blocks too small. I don't know what I was thinking?!!! I was getting real frustrated. Finally I got it right on the 4th try. Then I sewed the blocks together in sets of 4 and stopped at that point. My son was due home from school soon and I didn't want to mess anything else up. I figured that was the smart move, if you know what I mean.

I'm hoping to finish up on these blocks tomorrow. I'm proud of myself for keeping up on this quilt-a-long now that I'm caught up that is... injuries and all! I hope it continues.

Until next time...
Cherise  :)


Melinda said...

Pretty! I like those colors together!

Stephanie said...

I am loving your blocks!!! Great color choices and I LOVE our QAL!!!